Andre van Eyssen


These little descriptions are always either a little dull or a little inflated. I'm going to supply neither.


The best way to get in contact is to send email. I check mail pretty regularly. My address is There's a bit of HTML obscurity in the source, hopefully that will reduce automated harvesting. If you're having trouble emailing me, feel free to try postmaster @ the same domain.


You can find a series of my photographs (in a blog format) at Some annoying image theft has slowed down the rate of posting, but I do plan to start updating this again soon.

You can also find some of my photography on Red Bubble, along with a few t-shirt designs. Take a look here.


I've been working with UNIX of many different flavours for many years. I still name Solaris as my platform of choice, but in today's market one has to be a little more flexible. I speak at and attend MSOSUG from time to time.

Apart from UNIX and friends, I have a reasonably broad history of general IT and infrastructure architecture and design.


I maintain a couple of blogs. They're not maintained particularly frequently, but you might find something useful in there.

  • contains personal musings, the occasional rant and whatever seems to be a good idea at a particular moment.
  • has a selection of IT & Computing articles, mostly UNIX and Solaris related.

LinkedIn and Twitter


I have many interests; here are a few:

  • Photography, as mentioned before.
  • Typography, with a view to classic faces and design. And TeX.
  • Listening to music, such as The Sisters of Mercy, Stan Getz, a variety of metal, Scandinavian EBM, Orff and a lot of equally impossible to group musicians.
  • General tinkering.
  • Enjoying the wide variety of fine craft beer now available to us.
  • Hearty conversation and robust debate.
  • Getting out of the country and seeing a bit of the rest of the world.