Andre van Eyssen


These little descriptions are always either a little dull or a little inflated. I'm going to supply neither.


The best way to get in contact is to send email. I check mail pretty regularly. My address is There's a bit of HTML obscurity in the source, hopefully that will reduce automated harvesting. If you're having trouble emailing me, feel free to try postmaster @ the same domain.


I've taken quite some joy in photography. Unfortunately, I don't have very much published at the moment since I took my photography blog down. It ultimately became easier to stop posting than try to deal (or ignore) theft of content.

You can also find some of my photography on Red Bubble, along with a few t-shirt designs. Take a look here.

Professional, UNIX & IT

These days, I spend my time helping my team achieve their goals more than I spend "on the tools", so to speak.

I've been working with UNIX of many different flavours for many years. I still name Solaris as my platform of choice, but in today's market one has to be a little more flexible. I speak at and attend MSOSUG from time to time.

Apart from UNIX and friends, I have a reasonably broad history of general IT and infrastructure architecture and design.


I used to maintain a couple of blogs. They weren't maintained particularly frequently, and these days the format has moved on and I'm not committed to keeping them maintained and up to date, so they've been archived away.

I'm currently considering new options for publication of tech notes, opinions and the like, but this is a project in-progress and not yet delivered.

LinkedIn and Twitter


I have many interests; here are a few:

  • Photography, as mentioned before.
  • Typography, with a view to classic faces and design. And TeX.
  • Listening to music, such as The Sisters of Mercy, Stan Getz, a variety of metal, Scandinavian EBM, Orff and a lot of equally impossible to group musicians. And Bach. Baroque 'n' roll.
  • General tinkering, including some electronics, microcontroller projects and some vintage computing.
  • Enjoying the wide variety of fine craft beer now available to us.
  • Hearty conversation and robust debate.
  • Getting out of the country and seeing a bit of the rest of the world.