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Here you can find a collection of links to services and content hosted at purplecow.org.

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p.cow.mu is a simple, ad-free public pastebin for everyone. It even allows pasting pictures and links. Content automatically expires after a week.

mexico wiki

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mexico.purplecow.org hosts a wiki that contains random tech information, notes, scraps of text and other truly random content.

www.purplecow.org used to be a mirror of the mexico wiki and all the old content is there.

There's also some other static content hosted, such as some old Solaris packages.

URL shortener

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http://cow.mu is a public URL shortening service.

Have a shorter moo!

Clowd Services

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Access to mail, calendar, storage and related services. Some call these cloud services. HTTPS only.

Mail users looking for their settings should check the setup instructions or the FAQ.

Andre's Content

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Andre van Eyssen's personal content, including blogs, photographs, links and the usual web stuff.